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Our plan: The roadmap to tomorrow.

We’re on a path to transition New Mexico away from coal. This began at the end of 2017 with the shut down of two out of the four coal units at the San Juan Generating Station, but that was just the first step. Closing the entire San Juan Generating Station, in just four years, is the next step to New Mexico’s clean energy future.

By closing the San Juan Generating Station, we plan to reach a 70% emissions free energy mix by 2032.

We’ll replace that energy in the short term with cleaner energy that includes natural gas, more renewables and our existing nuclear. In the long term, we will invest more heavily in renewables, while developing infrastructure to store renewable energy, including batteries.

With more than one million solar panels (and counting), PNM is on its way to be the largest provider of renewable energy to New Mexicans. Each year, our wind, solar and geothermal resources generate enough energy to power more than 154,000 average homes. We have a strong foundation to build on.

By 2040, we plan to reduce emissions 87% from their peak levels in 2005 and reach 70% emissions free energy mix by 2032. Working together, we can turn this plan into reality.