Economic Development

Building Opportunity

PNM encourages business growth with our commitment to support multiple programs across New Mexico. We believe that attracting new business and encouraging expansion of existing businesses in the communities we serve takes a unified effort with government, business, nonprofit economic development organizations and local communities. We’re here to work with you to identify, develop, and implement energy programs that meet our business customers’ needs and look forward to serving them and innovating business through clean energy solutions and technology.

Why New Mexico

The New Mexico climate is ideal for renewable energy generation that benefits our communities by helping to keep energy usage lower than most states. Our state offers favorable solar capacity factors and high full-power sun hours and we have great potential to expand our wind generation capacity. When coupled with our lower land costs, state tax rates, and other project costs, we can offer some of the lowest solar pricing in the country. Our goal is to move New Mexico forward by becoming 100% emissions-free energy by 2040. If you want to know more about our progress, please go to our Forward Together page for the full story.

Clean Energy Solutions

Through clean energy solutions like PNM Sky Blue, PNM Customer Solar Energy program, PNM solar solutions for large customers and energy efficiency programs, there is an opportunity for your business to meet your sustainability goals. Learn more about how we’re partnering with customers on clean energy solutions.

How PNM Electric Rates Compare

Knowing how the PNM electric rates compare across several cities across the United States is important to know. Here is some information showing how our electric rates compare across retail, commercial, industrial, and residential segments.

Retail electric rates 

Commercial electric rates

Industrial electric rates 

Residential electric rates

What to Expect

The PNM team has a simple method for assisting customers that want to expand or build in our New Mexico service areas. We will work with you through a single point of contact to identify your business needs by conceptualizing solution possibilities, working out preliminary and viable solutions and identifying the solution details before negotiations and agreements are arranged. This method allows us to share your full savings potential by expanding or building your business in New Mexico.

Help us better understand your electricity needs by completing the Electric Rate & Site Analysis Request Form. Contact us when you’re ready to get started.

How to Get Started

If you are ready to talk with us about your business or get more information, please contact our Economic Development team.

Elisha Saavedra-Torres

Manager, Economic Development


Phone: (505) 241-2558